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Riding a bike has numerous inherent dangers. By playing Pokémon Go while riding, even while riding very slowly and carefully, you are inherently adding an element of distraction that could cause injury or harm to you or to others.

This site in no way recommends that you play while riding a bike. This site strongly encourages you to consider whether or not riding a bike is right for you. Then, and only then, after you have deemed that you are able and willing to take on the risk of riding a bike, you should then consider the next question of whether riding a bike can be incorporated into your Pokémon Go play style safely for both you and those you encounter while riding. Our About page lists some strategies, but we make no claims whatsoever that these strategies are right for every person or for any person or that they can be carried out safely at all times or at any time whatsoever. In other words, those strategies may or may not actually be safe for you or for people you encounter while riding.

By accessing information or software made available by this website, you agree to these terms of use.